Bondock NEWS RELEASE Las Vegas NV, May 7, 2021

Bondock invests in cryptocurrency sector

Bondock, LLC has created a platform for multiple accounts in a portfolio of digital securities including litecoin, ethereum, ripple and bitcoin cash. Bondock has several million dollars of tokens and USDT in various accounts in the Asia Pacific, managed by an in-office portfolio manager.

“The journey to the token world initially was overwhelming. The complexity of multiple accounts, onboarding and new wordage and ideas almost turned us away but we learned and now are officially part of the new and improved business world. Cryptocurrency has a huge potential upside” says Brian Lovig, founder and chairman, Bondock Ltd.

Bondock Ltd. (Canada) and Bondock, LLC (US) are capital market investors engaged in the trade and holdings of financial securities like debentures, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency. Bondock has no debt and holdings include more than 20 million shares of junior and blue chip companies plus other investments in its portfolio.