Bondock NEWS RELEASE Las Vegas, Nevada, July 5, 2020

Capital markets company invests in copper

Bondock Ltd. “Bondock” has acquired $150,000 of copper bullion. Bondock has taken physical delivery of the bullion and it is stored in a vault which is owned by Bondock and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition Bondock has invested $250,000 for copper in the commodities market and private placements in junior capital market companies.

Bondock has several investments in the precious metal sector. The 4 primary precious metals are gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Copper is considered a base metal in the commodities market and is often referred to as a semi precious metal. Copper was discovered 19,000 years ago and was used by prehistoric man to make tools. Copper is widely used in leading industries for transportation, electrical and automotive.

Copper has more than doubled in price since we started buying it several years ago and the demand for copper continues to be strong”¬†says Brian Lovig, founder and chairman, Bondock Ltd.

Bondock Ltd. (Canada) and Bondock, LLC (US) are capital market investors engaged in the trade and holdings of financial securities like debentures, stocks and bonds. Bondock has no debt and holdings include more than 20 million shares of junior and blue chip companies plus other investments in its portfolio.

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