Bondock NEWS RELEASE Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2, 2020

Bondock invests in precious metal sector

Bondock, LLC initiated an open buy order for gold and silver bars March 1, 2020 and the $500,000 USD order has been filled.

“This investment is the last of 4 increments and concludes a 2 year investment plan of gold and silver. The exit plan is to hold for 3 years and then to liquidate all of the investment within a 14 day period. Gold and silver has a big potential upside, we will see” says Brian Lovig, founder and chairman, Bondock Ltd.

Bondock Ltd. (Canada) and Bondock, LLC (US) are capital market investors engaged in the trade and holdings of financial securities like debentures, stocks and bonds. Bondock has no debt and holdings include more than 20 million shares of junior and blue chip companies plus other investments in its portfolio.